About Jay K. Ramey Law

I am an attorney that is completely dedicated to the protection of your Constitutional rights. I have never worked as a prosecutor. I have never been a police officer or worked in any type of law enforcement capacity. I have never worked as a judge. Therefore, I have never placed anyone under arrest, asked a jury to send someone to prison, signed a search warrant and have never ordered anyone to prison. Since I became a lawyer in 2001, I have been dedicated to the protection of the rights of the individual.

Jay Ramey

Jay Ramey

My Law Practice

My law practice is predominately criminal defense work. I have handled every type of criminal case from traffic tickets to murder cases. I have also handled just about every type of drug case from simple possession to trafficking. I am one of only three attorneys in Oklahoma who is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee.

The other types of cases I handle are closely related to criminal cases. These cases are civil forfeitures and civil rights violations. Civil forfeitures are civil cases in which the government takes property from an individual, usually cash, and attempts to keep the property by claiming it was gained from, or somehow used in, an illegal transaction, usually drugs. When the police or other government agents use excessive force against a citizen or illegally enter the property of a citizen, the citizen can file a civil lawsuit seeking money damages for that violation of his civil rights.

I am always willing to meet with anyone for at least 30 minutes without any obligation or legal fee required. Feel free to call me at any time.

Jay Ramey Serving in Korea
Jay Ramey At The Tulsa Oklahoma Office
Jay Ramey Ran For State House Rep
Jay Ramey With NORML Founder Keith Stroup
Jay Ramey With Tommy Chong
Jay Ramey With My Judo Sensei and I In Osaka, Japan
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About Jay Ramey

  • Licensed to practice law in Oklahoma and Kansas
  • Licensed to practice law in Federal Courts
  • Lifetime Member of NORML Legal Committee
  • Member – Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer Association
  • Member – Tulsa County Bar Association
  • Member – The National Trial Lawyers
  • On average, I complete 4 to 5 jury trials a year
  • 2008 and 2010 Republican Candidate for Oklahoma State House

A Brief History of Jay Ramey

2005-Present: In 2005, I opened up my own law office.  I have continued working to protect civil liberties and stand up for the rights of the individual ever since.

2004-2005: Worked as an attorney with the Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office in Tulsa,Oklahoma.

2001-2004: Began my law career as an attorney with the public defender’s office in Kansas.  I first worked for the public defender in Liberal, Kansas.  I later transferred to the public defender’s office in Chanute, Kansas.

2000-2001: Taught English to Japanese citizens in Osaka, Japan.

1998-2000: Worked as a cross country truck driver.

1994-1997: I attended law school at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.  I graduated in May of 1997 with a Juris Doctor Degree.

1989-1994: I attended college starting at Tulsa Junior College (now known as Tulsa Community College) and eventually obtained my B.A. degree in History from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

1987-1989: Served in the United States Coast Guard as an Electronics Technician.  (Disclaimer:  My entire time in the Coast Guard was spent in land-based maintenance as an electronics technician. I never served in any type of law enforcement capacity.)

1983-1987: Served in the United States Army as an Infantryman.  I served with the 82nd Airborne Division and with the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea.

My NORML Affiliation

I am a member of the NORML Legal Committee. NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. NORML works for the reformation of marijuana laws throughout the United States. I do not believe that anyone should be punished by the criminal justice system for marijuana any more than I believe people addicted to tobacco or that drink alcohol should go to jail or prison. The marijuana laws in the country are a complete waste of tax-payers’ money and of government resources. Therefore, I completely support the goals of NORML.

As a member of the NORML Legal Committee, I regularly attend seminars with other members of the committee where we learn how best to protect the rights of people charged with marijuana crimes. I also communicate with other members of the legal committee daily to keep up on with current trends in marijuana law and discuss certain cases or laws and decide how best to protect the civil liberties of our clients.

Dedication to Constitutional Rights

I have never worked as a prosecutor. I am very proud to make this statement. I do not have the mind set that would allow me to prosecute and send people to jail or prison for doing nothing more than possessing marijuana or other drugs. Since I have been an attorney, I have often seen prosecutors that were working for the district attorney one day and then the next day were suddenly working as criminal defense attorneys. One day these attorneys were trying to circumvent the United States Constitution and send my clients to prison and then all of the sudden these same attorneys were working as criminal defense attorneys supposedly protecting the civil liberties and Constitutional rights of those charged with crimes??? I think not!

I have never been a police officer or worked in any type of law enforcement capacity. Every day I go to work and try to protect the civil liberties of the citizens of the United States. I believe that the government should leave people alone. I DO NOT support the police who want to violate your civil rights, kick in your door, throw everyone to the ground, and put guns to your head, all because the police received a report that there may be marijuana in your house. I support the Constitution of the United States.

I have also never worked as a judge. While I believe that this country needs more judges that think as I do and that believe in civil liberties and the protections guaranteed by the United States Constitution, I would be troubled by having police come to my office and asking me to sign a search warrant that allows them to invade citizens’ privacy, kick in their doors, shove everyone to the ground while pointing guns to their head, and searching for nothing more than marijuana. I would also be troubled by having to sentence someone to jail or prison for nothing more than marijuana.


When not busy with work, I practice judo. I have a 2nd degree black belt in judo awarded by the Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan. In America, I practice judo at the Tulsa Judo Club located at 4343 S. Memorial in Tulsa. We practice judo five days a week. Anyone interested in judo is always welcome to come out and see what we do or join in the practice.