NORML – NORML is the National Organization for Marijuana Laws.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Network – The Oklahoma Supreme Court Network is an excellent resource for Oklahoma law and for finding court dockets and court minutes for most counties in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma District Court Records – The Oklahoma District Court Records website has court docket and court minutes for the counties that are not included in

Flex Your Rights – This is an excellent website that shows you how to protect your rights when being confronted by the police during traffic stops, when the police show up at your door or other encounters on the street.

Bad Cop News – The bad cop news site reports on the illegal activities of the police all over the United States.

Law Guru – A website that lets you post questions for attorneys all over the United States.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Not all law enforcement people are on the wrong side of the war on drugs.

Police Complaint Center – In Pursuit of Equal Justice

Cop Watch – Policing the Police

Marijuana Uses – Harvard University Professor Lester Grinspoon’s website.

Marijuana: It’s time for a conversation – Website containing a video hosted by Rick Steves discussing marijuana reform.